Honorary qualification

  • The triple-A credit enterprise

  • Jiangsu Hi-Tech enterprise

  • Jiangsu province quality enterprise

Products & Service

Mission & background

Focus on the existing products to do fine and big, aiming at the latest international technology, ahead of the development of high-tech new products. Hand in hand with each new and old customers to develop the company into the domestic industry

The company currently has high-quality technical personnel and a large number of professional theory and practical experience, including engineering and technical personnel of the company accounted for 35% of the employees, senior technical personnel 8 people, intermediate title 23 people, most of the staff engaged in years of scientific research and engineering design, project implementation, and held a number of large automation projects the person in charge of the project, with rich professional knowledge and practical experience, to provide first-class design for customers, first-class products, first-class service.

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